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Product Overview

Organizations need vigorous and consistent network to convey and execute over the web. Numerous clients sharing web at the same time prompts failures. Web Leased Line (ILL) Service for ventures empowers high velocity correspondence and joint effort because of committed transfer speed. As one of the most amazing Internet Leased Line suppliers in India, we have more than 12,000+ km availability all through India. With fast and committed Internet Leased Line associations, it is great for of all shapes and sizes undertakings who have a high reliance on the Internet. 


Shrewd Internet is a cutting edge innovation that empowers business congruity by furnishing a Secure Remote Access with ILL. It permits representatives to work from anyplace and whenever. Shrewd Internet ideally utilizes ILL with added advantages of distant openness, security, and sensibility. With its future-prepared innovation, the arrangement is not difficult to redesign. You can likewise add UTM security highlights with Smart Internet. 

Overseen ILL 

Overseen ILL gives unlimited authority and sensibility of ILL alongside a CXO level dashboard. It proactively screens the organization and helps in improving the usefulness of the association and workers. 


Sick Dual Last Mile gives interface level excess an auto-failover office. It accompanies two arrangement choices - Active-Active mode and Active-Passive mode. Contingent upon the need and convenience, both of the two arrangements with 2 autonomous connection courses can be picked to get Always ON help.

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